Thanks for supporting my campaign for a seat on the Howard County Board of Education. 

I have been associated with the Howard County School system for fourteen years as a parent. My son graduated from the school system a couple of years ago, and my daughter is currently a freshman in high school. 

In addition to being a parent, I work for the Federal Government as an Information Technology Project Manager, and some of you might also know me as a children’s entertainer and may have seen me interact with kids of all ages. 

I want to use my global experience, my understanding of two distinct educational philosophies, my experience in managing large government projects and my experience with kids to bring TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY and EMPATHY to students, parents and educators in the Howard County Public school system, and to move our students forward by using Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) to prepare our kids for a global competition. 

In addition I believe the school system should use our tax dollars wisely in order to prepare our students for a better future by

  • Building a computerized internship portal to connect local business with high school students
  • Work to implement universal Pre-Kindergarten, and 
  • Award contracts based on the costs over the life of the infrastructure, not just the initial price tag

I look forward to meeting you to brainstorm on how best we can serve all of our students, educators and parents, and maintain our position as a world class education institute for years to come.  

Feel free to email me your thoughts at or call me at 410-340-0529.